Why Awards matter or The Oscars more WWF than Super Bowl

The award season is nearing its end and it's finally here, the Oscars. And every year, I film geek it out with friends, family and peers explaining my same argument: the Oscars are not about giving the award for the Best film, Best Director or Best Producer and I would put the acting categories in the same lot. It is a more Politics than merit, it's more a spectacle than a competition.

This year is more controversial because of the diversity controversy that Jada Pinkett Smith started when she pointed out the lack of "range" of cultural backgrounds in the acting categories. I agree with her (sorta) but it's not just about race or ethnicity. I would push it further than that racially charged argument. 

In recent years they have overhauled their voting system and they are taking steps to fix the diversity problem but before you argue that I am wrong about the Oscars not being a a good judge of the best look at their history. 

When the system of voting was more of an "old boys club" who got a fair share of bad "Best" insert category calls. My favourite example is that the Academy didn't give Al Pacino an Oscar for The Godfathers, Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico but his Oscar is for Scent of a Woman. They missed his brilliant performance over the years. Here are some of the more egregious misses 


A few years back I worked on a series that won a boatload of awards including an Emmy. I was glad for the project when it won all these awards but when it won the CCE award for editing, I was the most proud because the people who gave me the award were my peers. 

So, I believe you really have to look at who is giving you the award. After all these missed calls, I have to disregard the Oscars as group that give out awards that mark great work. I think the Golden Globes, ASC and other groups where peers are judging peers have more value than this "crowd" called the academy.