Canadian Cinema Editors Awards & Guidestones Post Team wins.

It has been a slow rise to Award Winning power but The Guidestones has been on a winning streak for the last six months ending with an International Emmy earlier this year. But wait what about post?


Well we got ours last Thursday night at the CCE Awards. The Editing Team got an nod when it got the nomination a few months ago but we won a CCE award for best Editing in a Live Action Webseries.
My name (and Thom smalleys) name is on the trophy but it is such a team effort filmmaking that I have found a new appreciation for the Oscar winners with their list of thank youse...  as far as I was told I accepted the award gracefully remembering to thank the CCE for recognizing this new format of entertainment, our fearless director that assembled this rag tag crew and I said thanks for Thom who could not attend. 


The list is long of the editorial team and many hands touch the project after my initial cut of the story.  Here is a side by side to compare my first cut and the final product of the winning episode. (for the hardcore Guidestoners, note in the roughcut version, the extra Trevor footage scene at end!).  


My sincerest thanks to the talented GS team: Sam Thomson, Jenna, Tess, Paul, Alex.... the list goes on. You guys and gals really knocked it out of the park with your hard work, attention to small details and throw in some talent. It was a great experience and now it feels like its all going to start all over again!