Bell n the Hood or Bell runs social media like Phishing scam

Bell Fibe service is the "Compton" of internet sevice.**
Sometimes I feel like Trey Styles (hopefull) but most of the time I feel like Doughboy (trapped) on the porch on the day after.

I don't have cable, I haven't had cable for over 6 years. After Rogers, tried to gouge me with their "HD" packages. I thought I would re-invest my 150$ a month into net services and free off air antenna technology. So, I  bought an antenna that coupled with premium internet, I believed I had solved my entertainment problems.

I have always paid for the most premium internet available. When high speed internet came out in the early 2000. I can still remember my B1 number from back then b1tcfx10, that not my present number, I had a brief time with other providers eventually coming back to Bell. Their competition was either a piggy back on their system or relitivaly not so good at providing fast internet. I usually have the premium service and presently I got Fibe with an unlimited data plan.Our data consomption as a family is quite high, close to 1TB a month (YouTube,Facebook and Netflix). The only entertainment gap from disconnecting was not getting live sports, which the 2 sports that I care about offer streaming version NFL Gamepass and MLBTV.

Like the daytime in BBQ scene in Boys N the Hood all was good for with my internet service for the first 3 sports seasons. The whole familly enjoyed all my legally purchased streaming media and I loved the PVR like features and exclusive media that the paid sports services delivered. MLB.TV is really the gold standard of streaming sports. All was great, until the beginning of this Baseball season. I am guess Bell in this scenario would be the Bad Black cop or the Gangbangers that shoot Doughboys brother because my connection was became inconsistent. Meaning, at times it is beautiful crisp and other occassions it is like looking at a Real Player feed. 

I did spend a night debating with a Bell off shore support "tech". You know the guy that is obviously reading off a computer screen the step by step troubleshooting instuctions and can't keep up with you because your know all the steps in running a speed test. After basically rebooting and/or restarting all your devices and ran a few speed tests. Yes pointless since I do this before calling for the support. The conversation with this "genius" ended with him telling me that "all seems fine from Bell's end of things". I eplained to him that the point of support is that "all should fine on my end of the connection" *gasp*

I BELIEVE THAT BELL IS THRODDLING MY CONNECTION BECAUSE OF THE LARGE AMOUNT OF DATA THAT MY HOUSEHOLD DOWNLOADS.This is just my feeling because I am sure from their side it must look that I am running a Pirate Bay, a Morpheus and a Napster server. And nothing has changed on my side of the internet connection and the service has suddenly become inconsistent.

As the problem persisted for a few months, I decided to rant one day on Twitter, since that is what one does when you can't see the faces of the players on the screen. 


I was not suprised that @bell_support responded via twitter. I was sorta of hoping that I could get some real service from the "service" provider. It did start off promising

I did what they asked... But then they kept on asking for more of my account info...? (wait a minute it sounded so easy from their first tweet)

My internet security radar went off. Anybody can set up a Twitter account, right?!... I am not giving them even more of my info until they prove that they are who they say they are. 

So, I thought I'll gave them partial info, enough to prove that it is me (partial address. date of birth type of stuff) and asked them to contact me to confirm my identiy, since they surely have my contact number and I could verbaly complete the authentication. 


...the communication ended like I just uncovered a Nigerian prettending to be layer for a dead royal.

So, I though to myself. Maybe, just maybe this is how Bell operates their social media tech support. It would be ridiculous to approach someone like your going to help then be this annoying/roadblocky when time comes to help.

It doesn't make sense that they nneed that info to start to trouble shoot a problem with their servies.

It doesn't make sense that they can't call to verbally authenticate my identity? It is bell, originally a telephone company.

It just didn't make sense to me.

Are they so out of touch with social media that they don't understand that putting that many roadblocks to helping a customer is wacky. Do they not care about the quality of their service and/or solving a customers problem.

Then it hit me. It's Bell Canada. The same people that laughed at me when I disconnected my homephone for only my cellphone service and the "support" person said "see you in six month" (haven't owned a phone in over almost a decade). Yup, they are going to go the way of dotto like Taxi cabs vs UBER. They have lost the focus of their business. They are an internet SERVICE provider and they will probably end up like the home phone, CD and 8track. 
But allas, I have to wait, sit on the curb like doughboy from Boys N the Hood in amasment at the lack of care in their internet hood. When the next alternative to Bell comes around I will be moving out of the Bell Hood.

** By Compton I mean the Compton portrayed in the movie Boys in the Hood. I have never been to Compton, I am sure it's lovely.