2012: For A Few Good Projects More

Despite the fact that I am taking a little hiatus/Freelance paternity Leave from Post Production work, as I look back at the few projects that I worked on in the past year, it was an eventfull one. I worked on more French speaking projects and more Big Brand/Mega Corporation work than ever and I saw a webisode project flourish.


In the mist of all this, we had another child. Woooufff, what a year. 

It has been a little bit of a rollercoaster with the new little girl and to alleviate some familly stress I took 6 month Hiatus of my post work but most of my projects were still reaping what we sowed.


I freelanced for many cool projects and interesting companies in the past year. My new "BatCave" aka office space is almost up and rumning and I can't wait to jump on that horse again and dive into a great project.

Welcome 2013, now on to the Next Big thing.


** If your in Toronto Canada area and need some Post work done please feel free to contact me. I'm itching to end my Hiatus early!