Boba Ferris Bueller or Hanging up my Blaster for 6 Months

Sometimes you have to look back to go forward. Some wise words from Ferris himself.

Time to take a break from editing JOBS.

I have in the last year been involved in a few great projects but the volume of exciting/challenging projects has deminished. Leaving me a little "dry" creatively. Leaving me with just JOBS.

No, I am not retiring or moving on to greener pastures. I can't. Movies are the greenest pasture that I know but since my daugter has arrived, Laila, I have decided to take 6 months to really look back, rebuild and reasses my editing future's direction.

I have always been Boba Fett aka a Freelancer and after recently going on many job interviews in corporate/broadcast post. I realize that I will always be Bobba Fett; don't think that my creative energy fits in that box.

So, for the next little while I will be putting my Blaster up on the wall, rebuilding my Lair (office space) and keep my ears and eyes open for the next big Bounty (media project).

FYI. For the next little while my post will be updates on my rebuilding of my "BatCave", No Spoilers post and some of my regular film perspective rants about life on set since I will be doing some Film Union Lighting technician work to pay the bills during my Hiatus.