Awards Season Started Early This Year at Gorilla Productions

My new Home office walls are up and painted. Starting to move in the gear and I am close to finishing my hiatus from Post work. Here's a look at the office/Batcave.

I might not be working it but some of the projects I have worked on in the year have been hitting the award circuit pretty hard.

The Guidestones Web Series has been nominated in a whole bunch of catagories and has gotten crital acclaim from wed and traditional media. Just this week they won the Digis 2012 Award for Best Web Series. Early this year won a Rockies Award for Best Web Series Fiction and Official Selection at the Geneva Internation Festival.

Also, it got nominated for Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Female Performance (Supinder Wraich) and Best Supplemental Content at the IAWTV Awards. Oh Yeah and it got a Nomination for Best Editing too. Still haven't checked it out. Whaaaat. It is on HuluYouTube and Watch them all, it's a fun ride.

Some work that I did for ALP Communication, some mini-docs for BMW have been awarding it up.  BMW: The Ultimate Driving Machine is a Silver Winner at the 2012 Summit Creative Award®and a Platinum Remi for New Media – Web Series at the 45th Worldfest International Film Festival

It is nice see that all the hard work that I put in to some of these projects are being recognized but the best is to know that they are being seen by an audience. 

Almost back...