No Spoilers Episode 6 : Christmas Vacation or Passion of The Griswold

Well every year I try to recommend a movie for the Holidays that's an out of the box movie that should be seen by all and enjoyed during this season. My previous post have focused on the action genre and those lesser appreciated and often neglected classics. Die Hard, Enemy of the State, Lethal Weapon.

This year, I was looking to do the same. I looked at Gremlins, but honestly this film was better in my mind of Christmas past. It was dated and the acting was so poor by the humans, I thought, this can't be my blog gift to all. So, I thought let's fall back on a classic; National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. I am sure some of the older generation remember this but I realized by working with a lot of folks in their 20's and 30's, they just haven't experienced this slapstick comedy by the comic genius Chevy Chase. I can hear them now, "the guy in "Community?""

As I watched it more attentively this year, I laughed at all the same old gags that still work because they are at the lowest level of comedy or I should say broadest, which is hard to do. I realized on this viewing, why this movie works and you just don't think Griswold is a manic. It is something that is often neglected in stories, emotional attachment . Notice as you watch the first act (aka 20 mins) of the movie, the scenes are about our hero, Clark Griswold, and how passionate he is about the Christmas season, his family and providing for his familly long lasting holidays memories, if they like it or not! 

Their is some language but nothing that your kids won't hear from a drunken Uncle with too much spiked egg nog. Also, the movie starts off with a great animated sequences with a great 80's style Christmas song.

So enough, no spoilers. I won't get too nitty gritty about breaking down the events of the movie but stick this one on your screening list before Christmas before its too late to enjoy this comedy in context...

Have a Happy Passionate Griswold Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New year.