Late apology for George Lucas and an early one for J.J.

As I have my early coffee, a few hours before I go and see the Force Awakens, I am still fearing that this will be a disappointing movie. Yeah I am a pretty big Star Wars Fan, not to the Cos play level but I do enjoy the movies and have raised my kids to enjoy the movies. I have even used some Jedi sayings to parent them and teach them the life lessons that are needed to make Jedi choices and not a Sith ones. So, I was thinking about the movie that I am about to see anxious, nervous and excited. After reading some Facebook post most positive, there were a couple of negative ones. Then it hit me, EPISODE 7.

(* I haven't watched this video, since I have avoided anything with footage of Star Wars Force awakens since the 2nd Trailer. Watch at your own risk of seeing clips)

Star Wars The Force Awakens is almost upon us but what do the critics think so far? Don't worry you can continue your spoiler fast since Jessica Chobot has their reviews SPOILER FREE on today's Nerdist News! PLEASE NOTE: Comments have been disabled to avoid people posting spoilers.

Okay, let me say this again, drop everything else, no Force awakens, no Star wars... Episode 7. The seventh sequel! You see what I am getting to here. What other movie do we hold to this standard. I started to think through my film geek mind at what franchise got to the 7th part and it was a good movie, not great but just good. Friday the 13th, Rocky, Aliens, Planet of the Apes? Not many movies series make it past "episode 2". 

I play fantasy football and this is a mistake most players make, they look at the name of the player and not the play. Peyton Manning for example has had a horrible season but people always act like his their only hope. So, it took me some time to realize it George Lucas, but when you made the 4th, 5th and 6th episode (which wasn't actually that bad as it did tie-in to Episode IV in a pleasant way... Stop Star Wars Geek brain!), I was being a little overly critical and I am sorry. I still meant everything about the quality of the filmmaking and truly believe that the movie making choices were poor but just because you made 2 solid sequels to a very strong first movie fans shouldn't expect that each time you step up to the plate it is a "home run"

So, as I gear up to see the EPISODE 7 of a series of movies, I will try not put this perspective in mind and I will really lower my expectations and may be I will be surprised at a sequel that will be a solid piece of filmmaking.

Just incase my knee jerk Star Wars geek comes out. I am truly sorry J.J. Abraham for all I am about to say. 

May the Force be with all of Us