No Spoilers episode 0: What is this sections is about?

Like many movie sequels, this blog post should have come before episode 1. So, consider this my Prequel Blog post or MIA 2.

I like talking movies. The people that I have worked with for the past decade, young and old, have heard my editing room, production meeting or creative brainstorming sessions rants about a movie's "epic" creative value. When I realize that they haven't seen this movie, I usually motion like I am going to flip the table in "rage" and film blasphame. (It's a dry joke but I like to recycle)

I thought I would blog about my film geek movie selects so that interweb folk can get some good film suggestions. Sometimes wacky or cryptic, not your classic AFI listings but I am not going to exclude these great movies either.

Not like this guilty pleasure of mine.

But check it out if you want to see how pre-computer graphics were done and a bonus see Dennis Hopper as a proffessor. (He plays a very similar roles as acharacter in one of his famous performances.) 

I don't believe in a good or bad movie or tell you that you should love this but you should probably check it out if want to see good movie making. Like my Philosophy 101 Professor pointed out in the first class, "My goal is to suggest a good lead, you should go and look into it yourself and my your own opinions, I AM NOT GOING TO READ THE BOOK FOR YOU" 

I will try not to SPOIL the movie by writing about the movies' plot twist. breakdown the storyline... Basically, I won't do the things that make reading film reviews frustrating to me.

Enjoy the movie suggest and please send feedback of what you thought of the movie and OBVIOUSLY NO SPOILERS in your comments please!