NO SPOILERS ep1: Top 5 Best Westerns Most People Haven't Seen

I was just finishing unpacking my gear and boxes into the new house/office space when I opened up a box containing my old DVD binders and Boxsets. (These days Netflix is usually faster if I am looking for reference material for work but I'm a collector, so I like to keep some of the old physical media around.) I noticed my wacky variety of movies and it go me thinking.

In the film industry you always bump into that young cinefile that hasn't seen film pre-1990's, who know LL Cool J and Will Smith as actors or have only seen the required classics Movies assigned by there Film school proffessor.

So, I thought I should highlight some great Westerns that are on my shelf and in my heart as some must see shoot'em ups that are not the Classic recommends. Please feel free to add to the list since I love me a good Cowboy movie! 

1. Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
James Coburn, Chris Christopherson as Billy, Slim Pickens and a young Bob Dylan that you can understand what he says. Directed by Sam Peckingpah, so lots of ketchup style 70's blood, complexe storytelling and his particular raw filmaking style. If William Holden wasn't in the Wild Bunch this might be the best Peckingpah flick for my taste. It is definetly "Knocking on Heaven's Door".

2. Duck You Sucker aka Fist Full of Dynamite
I obviously have a Bromance for James Coburn. Add in this Filck directed by Spagetti Western King Sergio Leone, you have the perfect movie about the West transitioning into the modern era. Lesser know fact is that it is the 2 part Sergio's Trilogy, the first part being Once upon a time in the West, the third being Once Upon a Time in America.

3. The Proffessionals
A rag tag crew of mercs are assembled to get a woman, Claudia Cardinale. Might sound as a familliar plot but the "X factor" is Lee Marvin. Bang for the buck better than Magnificent Seven. Once again, Lee Marvin!

4. The Way of the Gun
A modern day Western with Benecio Del Toro, James Caan, Ryan Phillippe. At the time the writter Christopher McQuarrie of the Brian Singer crew of the 90's directs this raw flick about a kidnapping mixed in with great scenes that have great dialogue delivered by Fred Fenster himself. If you don't like the first scene with Sara Silverman stop watching there, this is not for you.


5. Pale Rider 
Probably blasfemy to not include a Clint movie. So here it is. A Macbethian western. It's got all he fixings, the looks from the man with no name, a big bad Company controling the town and  lots of avenging.  About 100 times better than "The Wraith" Charlie Sheen 80's disaster movie with same plot but with a bunch of teenagers and fast cars.  

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Please Add or comment on what you thought of the movies or if you want to add your favorite to the list.

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