Awards Received on Some Gorilla Productions Projects

Last week a 2 different clients of mine informed me that projects that I had worked on had won Awards.

A Gold & Silver Remi Award and a Silver Summit International Awards.
(I will post 2 other videos when they are cleared to post)

As an editor aka Post productions person, I usually don't like to take credit on Awards. Filmmaking is such a collaborative process and it takes so many talented people and about 20% luck so that everything comes together in a entertaining way. You can have all the money & talent and still end up with a dud.

I would not want you to think that I did it all. But I was part of the team and put in a few cents, so if noting these awards secures, reassures and gets me future cool projects. I'll take it. My Boy likes to eat.




Last years' resolution was met.
(Do more Quality work and expand client base with higher end productions)

Unfortunately, with many of my new bigger clients comes confidentiality agreements which doesn't permit me to post some of my work but I will link and update this post when the footage is cleared.

Until then, here is some of 2009...

Second Harverst (Food Network Canada) from Anthony K Baird on Vimeo.

BCS Lounge Promo from Anthony K Baird on Vimeo.