I was FCPX Grill -ed

If your feeling all alone as you edit successfully with FCPX on a professional level, you feel like your going against the grain, your the "Lone wolf" aka Bobba fett and everyone around you is snickering at your screen, well you should be listening to FCPX GRILL hosted by Chris Fenwick. Can't remember how I stumbled on the podcast but I did and became instantly a fan. Every week he has an ongoing conversations about the future of post productions with an obvious bias towards the future winner Final Cut Pro X. I must say that I agree. 

Chris Fenwick, was nice enough to invite me on his podcast to listen to my ramblings but I would have to say that you should revisit the past shows great discussions about the future of post workflows, old and newer editors experience with FCPX and even he has a Premiere editor on and they have a great discussion about the platforms. If your interested in post this is a must download. (2 other must check out are the Wednesday #PostChat  and the Red Shark newsletter that I have been loving these days)

So, as Everyone around you are flocking like lemmings to finalcutpro pro 8 (premiere) as Chris calls it and everyone is saying it can't be done in FCPX, as you can hear in the interview. This feels like deja vu for an older Post guy like myself. In 1999, I cut a 35mm short for Bravo! Canada on my final cut 2 system and everyone said "you won't pass the strict broadcast quality control", "this can't be done" and/or "you can't edit at home" said the Feature Film post house that transferred the Film to a Mini-dv deck that I had to provide because they didn't have on in house. After ignoring the nay sayers, it went to air without any notes from Broadcast. 

SIDE BAR. I am Bobba Fett, so I have to stay up to date on all platforms and I was just about to do a deep dive into Premiere CC when the login situation happened. I tweeted back and forth with them (@adobeSupport) but they really didn't reassure me more than "they fixed the problem" but never did answer my question "what's the contingency plan for the next time". As I have blogged before, as a freelancer you don't have the option to not deliver, so my tools have to be available at all times, even when there is a "Log in" server outage. This might be the wake up call to all Adobe flippers.