2013 looking back

This will be a short year in review since I didn't produce much since I took the hiatus for my kids but I did do a few projects of note.

I did a few small projects with Michael Y. Wong one being a Behind the Scenes for a 3d short film for an old friend Ben Sainsbury. He has been involved in some pretty cool software and projects.

I did do some other small corporate projects for some of my regular clients but as per usual they are all tied up in legal for a while. It was slow but a reassessment year.

I finally took the leap and adopted FCPX. I understand now the idea and it has slowly won me over. Let me just sum it up from a freelancer's point of view, it save me a whole lot of time. I also sharpened my Resolve colourist experience and I am use it at the end of each workflow. I do enjoy colour correcting.

Finally, I won an award for Guidestones web series, that was a fun night and a few days of people patting you on the back and actually watching your work but funny the phone hasn't been ringing and when I go to get a gig they don't just open the door to big suite and let me at it.

2014 is off to a bang. One project was due/delivered on the 3rd of January. 2 big projects are already in Post process. Busy but always looking for the next Big thing.