2011 Look back to Look Forward to 2012

This year was a bigger projects year but less volume which is good for my creative health. 
After buying a house/relocating my office space and doing some renos. The year ended quietly.

Here is some of the work I produced this year but unfortunatly, 2 of the bigger projects are under Non Disclosure Agreements, but I will post up when they are released. 

CRIBSIDE.CA: By far the best thing I worked on this year since it wasn't purly for entertainment but for a good cause. A small group of pastionate Fathers (myself included) collaborated to produce a Website to help new Dads, please pass it on to expecting Fathers and Mothers.

SHAW FESTIVAL 50TH ANNIVERSARY PROMO: A Historical Review of the Shaw Festival.

OTMP: Short series of films exploring Ontario Tourism

Now I should get Back to Work (also the name of a great productivety Podcast that I have been binging on as I renovated) and find the next Great thing to work on... Have a great year! 

Anthony K. Baird

Editor/Motion Graphics/Colorist for Gorillaproductions.ca