Freelance Video Editing 2: Don't Sell Me Easy


As I read the Linchpin Book from Seth Godin, I realize that he is preaching to the converted. I agree with most of his points and work as art concepts. One point that he make in the book is to "lean into the work, not away from it".

I often get some small projects that offered to me at some of my re-occurring clients that involves mind boggling boring work. The person/salesman offering the work always comes with some of the famous quotes "This is easy", "Steady work", "a no brainer" and/or "You just have to crank it out". My stomach turns every time these tasks are offered to me with this type of pitch. Tasks, that is a good word because it is a task or a chore like taking out the garbage, cleaning the bathroom or washing the inside of a car.

Do professional editors seek out easy gigs? I have never taken a job because of easy.

Unless my family is starving, these tasks have a home somewhere else than on my plate, I have realize. When I started working I would do these task and ultimately they result are boring, underpaid, never gonna see the light of day on my demo reel and they usually suck all your creative energy/time. So, over the years I have turned down these jobs. Luckily, more often than not it has resulted in a better demo reel worthy, exciting job popping up, something incredible.



So the next time you want me to do a job for you and not some work (there is a difference but I won't get into that I will leave that to Seth Godin), don't. Don't sell me "Easy".