Copyfight PSA for CFC contest and Piracy rant

Did a favor for a friend a couple of weeks ago. A quick color correct with Apple Color. Turned out pretty good considering the extremely tight deadline. I believe it was all done in 6 days, idea to delivery.

I must say I felt mildly morally conflicted considering to do this job. Maybe the first time in my career that I had strong personal feelings about the subject. But helping a friend was more important in this case.

* Full disclosure: My views on Copyright have been made clear on a previous blog post. I try to keep up to date on all the state of copyright (AFTA, RIAA and other old systems in our new age of digital media). Don't believe what I or They say; read up yourself or listen for yourself because for me the little details are very disturbing. (Michael Geist, TVO Jesse Brown Search Engine)

My Present view is one of adaptation. Meaning that I don't really believe present copyright law enforcement. I think it has just created more innovative ways of acquiring media. I believe that the digital sharing can be used to reach more audiences, if you use it to your advantage and some have found alternatives. I am still waiting for the "Big Boys" to figure it out with my wallet in hand.

So please, still don't call a Gorilla a Pirate.