LSB Interviews Anthony K. Baird or Rantings of an Editor

My old friend Haig Armen, web maven and all around great designer has a media studio in Vancouver.
Last time I went to Vancouver to visit, he showed me his pretty sexy studio where his crew of mad web scientist do their craft. Way back when, we use to be roommates in Toronto and he introduced me to macs, adobe products and how PC's don't have to be clunky . Thanks.

Lift has recently started a cool podcast but as per usual they are not doing it the same boring "Charlie Rose" or 6 o'clock news style with a fake BG. When you check out the vidcast on the lift studios' site it takes over your screen in glorious MASSIVE FLASH. 

For some reason, probably because I always have strong opinions, he interviewed me via Skype.
Was nice to talk about Movies & Creative stuff with my old roomate. 

Subscribe to the podcast there is always a good creative conversation a-la Ted Talks.