I recently purchase a The library (best deal) and it has saved my butt twice already.

As a freelancer, I come across with my clients a lot of spec work that translates to more work if the client likes there pitch.

This is a example of a project that in the 11th hour we needed to create a title sequence to set the tone. With a little help from After Effects Guru/comedian Andrew Kramer and a few basic tricks voila!

*(I was looking at my 2009 year in Review sampler and realized that what I posted is not so impressive if you don't know that it is a still image)

1. Original stock photo.

2. Mask out the clouds and feather it out.

3. Add motion clouds ( "Real Clouds") or Life before my new purchase would be to use an alternative technique (creating clouds in Photoshop, AE Noise particle clouds then 3D'ng it for perspective or the horror... go and shoot some clouds with a camera)

4. Then, one technique that I truly believe sells it and tricks your mind is the foreground atmosphere that is almost imperceptible. It doesn't make sense but it happens sometimes in life's chaos... Not going down that road. (I used Action Essentials or create some floating particles with Particular or Partical World)

5. Color Correct clouds to match with stock photo. Contrast level is more important than Color matching but I always try to do both.

6. Added an adjustment layer to color grade the whole image.

7. Added Titles with a soft drop shadow to separate from background.

8. Added little dark solid with an inverted mask to create a vignette to focus your eye more on the text.

9. Final. (Given more time we could have done more but for a quick mock up not bad) Thanks Andrew Kramer



*Please Post a comment to help others or to add extra information or corrections.


Finally got the chance to get up to speed with the new Color App in the FCP Suite 2.

Color Correct with Multiple Final Cut Pro Color Correction Filters

Brigette (Color Corrected FCP)
 from Anthony K Baird on Vimeo.


Color Correct made with Color

ACCHO Brigitte Ad (Apple Color)
 from Anthony K Baird on Vimeo.


Color made making this look much easier than in FCP, adding the Vignette and Film Grain was child's play. Also, it took a fraction of time to create and render. Hands down Color is a "Gun" you bring to a color timing knife fight. Final Cut Pro still is awesome for basic adjustments and minor looks but if you looking to add to project by using color as your final cinematography touch, "Color".

It is truly a powerful Color correction tool that will make me a better Colorist which is in my opinion the newest "hat" that anybody in Post will want to have as a weapon. This "weapon" will be essential since everything is going HD and applying a basic film look and color correct will be asset if you can offer this with your services.


The application doesn't operate like other Apple Studio Apps but more like Shake. What I mean is that Apple bought the cleaver Software "Final Touch" but like when it bought Shake, they didn't integrate the easy intuitive Final Cut Pro UI that lets you work like you prefer and gives you alternatives ways of working the features of the program. Here are some of the Job security/non-intuitive, hidden, road blocks in Color.

Top 10 Color "GRRR"

10. You always have to set a Key frame manually. Most software add keyframes after your first initial one, not Color. Some may argue that this prevents you from adding too many keyframes but I still found it slowed me down.

9. You have to be in the room you wish to add a key frame. (Pardon?)

8. When you set a key frame in the Color FX room it is not easily reflected in the timeline. Basically, if you want to keyframe a blur you have to select it so this is reflected in the timeline. (What!... seems like there is enough room to show all the FX in the timeline)

7. Control Button is you Primary Shortcut Key. Most Apple apps use the Command key. Moreover, why can't we map the keyboard to our liking but that took 5 generations of FCP to arrive!

6. You can't initially go and create a custom user shape in the Geometry Room then go to Secondary in apply it. You have to initiate your custom vignette in the Secondary Room. (Job security)

5. Constantly having to enable the secondary Room. The Secondary Room should Enable when you make your first color correct action in the room. (intuitive)

4. Organizing your Preset is done outside of Application. So Annoying.

3. Naming Stills reference frame is glitchy.

2. Inability to hide tracks in timeline.

1. Navigating in Timeline is not "JKL". Again this would be solved via mappable keyboard.